Tuesday, October 18, 2011


By the mercy of Guru and Vaisnavas we have successfully completed one week of New Braja Mandala Parikrama.

We began by performing sankalpa on the Dry Creek branch of the Yamuna!

All devotees were enlivened.

Parama Gurudeva was sweetly honored with Hari Katha, Kirtana and Maha prasadam.

DAY 2 - we found Kaliya Daha

DAY 3 - we wandered in New Braja Seva kunja (across the street)!

DAY 4 - Nityananda prabhu took us on a long hike to Baelvana!

DAY 5 - We read Srila Gurudeva's beautiful Hari Katha at New Braja Nidhuvana (one of Nanda Gopal's kunjas)!

DAY 6 - We had our Sunday Feast and Venu Gopala prabhu gave a very nice class on the glories of Srila Narottama Das Thakura

DAY 6 - we went on a long hike through the 12 forests of New Braja!

TODAY is Dhira-samira, Vamsi-vata, Gopesvara Mahadeva and Sri Govindadeva Temple so we will have a BUS day to Srila Gurudeva's morning walk place!



  1. 'Dry creek BRANCH' of the Yamuna… you did it on a branch! Literally by looks of the picture. Was that part of the joke all along or was it a semi accidental, ingenious pun?

  2. Gopa Mata!

    Please keep writing more! I know you must be very busy with the whole New Braj Mandal parikrama, but please if you ever get time keep us updated!

    Will you ever get time to come to the India Braj Mandal? When was the last time you were here?!! I haven't seen you in probably over 4 or 5 years!!

  3. Dear Prema and Madhukarji! dandavat pranams!

    whoa, the branch was totally accidental! you are so clever!

    thank you both for reading my meanderings.

    and yes i would like to go to India Braj Mandal if only to see you both!