Thursday, September 1, 2011


...months have gone by and i've had my head in a cloud!
soooooooo many cool things have happened here in New Braj - moment to moment but,
                          i just haven't written them down.
o well,
you see i blame it on the festival. And what a festival it was! Too, too wonderful. Too, too much separation. Too, too much mercy.
I felt like my heart was in a giant cake mixer at the highest speed setting! beat or whip or max mix!

 a n d  a  w o n d e r f u l  c a k e  c a m e  o u t !!

and the summer's been so cool and mild! Never before have the jasmine flowers in Gurudeva's garden bloomed until September! They ususally only bloom for the week that Gurudeva's here!

And we had this wonderful  "Ladies' Retreat" !
It was so fun!
We made many new friends!
Candrika dasi organized it all like a yogini camp counselor,

amazing kirtans with Marti Walker and our own Rasika!
                                  so many wonderful ladies! Diane, Denise, Madhumati, Lola, Carol, Christina, Kim, Babula, Candrika, Chai,  Manju, Marti...special guest star: Radha Vinodini didi!

Now they've all become New Braj family members and surely the dhama will call them back again and again.

This land called New Braj is made of sparkly mercy particles.

                                                                                                Anyone who visits here becomes attracted, but anyone who stays here for one or four nights...
New Braj becomes

signing off.

thank you Uddhava prabhu for gently getting on my case! what are friends for?

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